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Routine day gone wrong

For most of us, the weekdays have their own routine. Wake up, get ready for work, endure traffic, count down the clock until 5 pm, clock out then and head home for a relaxing evening. Five days a week, Monday through Friday. Our client was no different, until a particularly unusual Friday.

The 31st of May was just another day for Mrs. Mills – or so she thought. Waking up and getting ready for work before the crack of dawn was not out of the ordinary. Fighting inevitable traffic was routine. Her shift began at 6 am, but little did she know what would happen moments before she arrived.

Mrs. Mills, who was driving with a friend, took her usual route to work that morning. She was driving eastbound, just blocks away, when she came to an intersection, preparing to make a left turn. In the same intersection, opposite Mrs. Mills, Enrique was driving westbound, attempting to pass another vehicle in the middle of the intersection. The vehicle he tried to pass was making a left turn when Enrique collided with him. The impact pushed Enrique’s SUV into Mrs. Mills’ vehicle. Car accidents are tricky at times when there are only two cars involved, and adding a third car to the mix can make it that much more difficult.

Before police arrived, Mrs. Mills checked on the other drivers to make sure they were okay. She worked in an assisted living facility, caring for those who could no longer care for themselves. Her loving personality shone through that day, despite the accident. After the officer interviewed her, Mrs. Mills left the accident scene and drove to work.  She began experiencing neck and back pain, worsening as the day went on. She could no longer perform her regular duties at work, and because the facility did not have any light-duty work for her, Mrs. Mills was let go. A 13-year veteran employee terminated due to a reckless driver.

After her termination, Mrs. Mills found a more fulfilling job: caring for her ailing husband at home until the day he passed away. Our condolences go to Mrs. Mills and her family. Currently, Mrs. Mills is working at a home care facility, where her father is a resident.

Like many in DFW, this was not the first accident Mrs. Mills was involved in. Undoubtedly, the first one can be the scariest. However, knowing what to do in this situation made all the difference in her case. Mrs. Mills went to the hospital as soon as she could and was seen immediately by a doctor. She later went to a chiropractor to get treatment for her pain and injury. Mrs. Mills also called the law firm she knew would take care of her, just as before, Ben Abbott & Associates. We believe cases are about real people. When you hire Ben Abbott & Associates, you don’t only get one lawyer, you get an entire team of legal professionals working toward the best possible outcome for our clients.


*Each legal matter is composed of unique issues and our descriptions are not intended to promise future results. The outcome of your case may vary from that of any other representation undertaken by the firm, and any discussion of prior results on this website does not guarantee a similar outcome.

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