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“Minor impact” with major implications

Auto insurance adjusters have one goal in mind: protecting their company’s big pockets. That’s why they’ll look at one photo, cry “minor impact” and offer chump change for major injuries.

Ms. Shirley was rear ended by an inattentive driver. Her small vehicle was able to absorb the impact instead of being crushed like an aluminum can, but it didn’t stop her body from being violently tossed around like a rag doll inside the car. The force of the impact caused injuries and aggravated previous issues. Her pain became almost unbearable, and it was only right that the person responsible pay!

In comes the auto insurance adjuster with a laughable offer: $1,500 to cover thousands of dollars in medical bills. The adjuster wasn’t there to feel the force of the collision, they only saw a picture and heard a completely different account of what happened. When adjusters wouldn’t budge, Ms. Shirley was utterly outraged and called on Ben Abbott & Associates, an expert in the personal injury industry, to file suit.

Ms. Shirley’s legal team worked diligently on her case. During her trial, her attorney was able to prove with the evidence and facts that Ms. Shirley WAS severely injured by this wreck, and would continue to have pain and other issues as a result. The jury awarded $20,000 more than Ms. Shirley’s insurance was willing to give before trial.

Don’t let an accident, or the opinion of one insurance adjuster, wreck your life by withholding what is rightfully owed.


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