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Light at the end of the dark tunnel

On a hot July night in Dallas circa 1997, witnesses came upon a horrendous scene by a local highway. They saw a young driver strike a man riding his bicycle. The driver, gripping his cell phone, briefly stopped and exited his vehicle to see what happened. Instead of rendering aid or calling 911, the driver bolted back to his car and took off, leaving our client helpless and badly injured.

Our client racked up more than $9,000 in medical bills to treat his injuries and needed help to cover those bills and go after the person who hurt him so carelessly. He strongly suspected the driver who hit him was under the influence of alcohol. Grateful to be alive, he sought justice and decided to enlist the help of Ben Abbott & Associates to take on his case.

As horrific as the accident was, this was no open-and-shut case. The client was terminated from his job due to too much time missed, putting him in an even tighter spot financially. During lawsuit preparation, the perpetrator appeared in criminal court for unrelated aggravated assault charges, meanwhile, doctors were advising our client of the pros and cons of potential surgery. He used to enjoy sports like golf, softball, and football, but now even mowing the lawn became too difficult and painful.

In the face of adversity, Ben Abbott & Associates went for the WIN.

The legal team worked diligently with adjusters, leading to a $90k settlement without even going to trial! After taking care of all the client’s bills, lost wages and expenses, the client took home more than $50,000!


*Each legal matter is composed of unique issues and our descriptions are not intended to promise future results. The outcome of your case may vary from that of any other representation undertaken by the firm, and any discussion of prior results on this website does not guarantee a similar outcome.

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