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ARE you ready for the 2019 Super bowl? 

WHO: New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams 

WHERE: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA

GAME TIME: Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 @ 5:30PM CT

Channel: CBS

The Super Bowl is the most watched sports event in America on an annual basis. This year’s Super Bowl brings us a matchup between two storied franchises; The Rams return to LA has sparked a historic season almost identical with the Greatest Show on Turf by the 1999 STL Rams and The Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row with the franchise trying to win its sixth championship.

Tune into Super Bowl 53 this Sunday for an exciting football game, Maroon 5/Travis Scott at halftime, and all the jaw-dropping commercials including my very own Ben Abbott and Associates commercial!

    Things to Watch for:
    • Old guard versus New school. In 2001 New England Patriots’ Tom Brady was the young QB playing in SB XXXVI against experienced vet Kurt Warner, this time Tom Brady veteran of 19 years will face third year QB 24yr old Jared Goff in SB LIII.
    • Look for the Patriots offense to come out with their play-action offense utilizing the most dangerous backfield in the NFL consisting of Sony Michel, James White and (local guy from Plano, TX) Rex Burkhead as well as the dependable Julian Edelman.
    • The Rams defense is designed to counter quick passes by fooling the quarterback in disguise coverages and create takeaways, complementing that is the studded defensive line made up of Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh and Dante Fowler who will force Tom Brady to get rid of the ball quick or get driven to the ground.
    • Personal prediction: The New England Patriots will beat the Los Angeles Rams, 34-31. With Tom Brady and the Patriots winning their record-tying sixth Super Bowl.


    1. Cole F

      The LA Rams don’t have anything. Pats ALL DAY BABY!!!

      • Trevor Anderson

        Tom’s age is showing

    2. Hank S

      If the Rams win it makes the Boys look good go Rams

    3. Reece Dorn

      Can’t wait to watch! I like me some warm queso and a cold one with the boys to get me in the spirit!

      • Cameron B

        I would agree with you if you weren’t a Patriots fan… Debra is making us Rams fans her special queso, can’t wait for that!

    4. Jack S

      With Brady on the Patriot’s side and the their solid defense, I’m not seeing much that the Rams can do. Honestly, it’s the Patriot’s game.

    5. Callie S

      Go Pats!!

    6. Kevin Mathew

      Go Patriots!! This is our year!

    7. Cameron S

      Let’s go Rams!!!

    8. Nick W

      It should be Pats v. Saints

      Change my mind

      • Anonymous


    9. Wesley

      That moment when you realize Tom Brady is almost a decade older than Sean McVay

    10. Raul T

      Excited to see if Brady can make history! Still rooting for the underdog though!